Model of enterprise management in modern conditions: the resource view

Economy and management of the enterprise

The article reveals the peculiarities of creating a model of resource management of the enterprise in the conditions of development of the modern economy. The basis of this study is the analysis of the production function, showing that economic resources are substitutable and complementary. The aim of this work is creating a model of managing the resources of the enterprise in modern conditions. This work, which is a continuation of previous studies on modeling the enterprise management system, focuses on the interaction in the process of production of resources that have a different nature. This allowed the authors to analyze the reasons for the changes in the results of economic activity, identify the resources that most influenced it, and on this basis to develop a strategy for resource management. Presents a generalized dynamic model of functioning of the enterprise, which is based on differentiation of its resources. The paper shows that human capital plays an increasingly important role in modern conditions of economic development and it became one of the leading factors of production. In this connection, in this generalized resource model of functioning of the enterprise, human capital is a required component. The model allows to design the «»‘image’ of the desired state of the enterprise and has implications for the study of its economic activity from the point of view of production costs. This model can be useful for the analysis of the trajectory of enterprise development, to evaluate the extent to which the manufacturing of its products is due to the increase in physical or human capital, and to what extent it is the result of technical progress and on this basis to predict the dynamics of the total production.