Controlling as a mechanism for increasing the efficiency of industrial enterprise in the conditions of use of digital technologies

Economy and management of the enterprise

The relevance of the work due to the fact that digitalization improves the efficiency both in production and in management, as well as provides ample opportunities for new models of management decisions based on predictive technologies. Digital technologies allow us to organize and summarize information flows that may not have a common origin, but combining them, it is possible to get a new picture or a predictive model for the development of the strategy and tactics of enterprise management. For the successful transformation of the industry in the digital economy must be at the enterprise level to develop a set of measures to upgrade technology. With the purpose of increase of efficiency of industrial enterprise in the mechanism of controlling the incorporated model of continuous improvement processes – PDСA. The author's approach of strengthening of the mechanism controlling the PDCA model is due primarily to the fact that controlling is a special management system all processes of an enterprise, has a wide range of modern tools improve the quality of management. The article considers the essence and peculiarities of the PDCA model, adapted to the process of technical re-equipment of industrial enterprise incorporated with a controlling mechanism in the framework of the process approach. The implementation of the mechanism controlling incorporating model PDСA might enhance the controllability of the process of technical re-equipment; to coordinate the actions of staff and outside experts, the most efficient way to distribute their duties and to fix responsibilities; to measure and evaluate the actual values of the parameters of the production system of the company; to organize a more effective supervision and monitoring and effective feedback; reasonably and promptly make management decisions during the implementation of the project of technical re-equipment. Directions of further studies the authors see the development of techniques for the application of various technologies for the digital economy at each stage of the cycle PDСA.