Analysis and improvement of the typology of consumer loyalty programs


In the face of tough competition, there is an increasing need to use a new approach to building relationships with customers. This means creating and developing loyalty programs that would facilitate establishing and maintaining long-term relationships between the customers and the organization. Today, loyalty programs are used, which are based on receiving rewards, potentially forming partnerships with other companies or acquiring special privileged services. One of the popular classifications of loyalty programs has been devised by Berman, depending on the bonuses provided and the presence or absence of a personalized approach. At present, more and more Russian and foreign companies use digital technologies to create consumer loyalty. Therefore, to solve the task of improving the typology of loyalty programs, it is necessary to use an additional element that will contain gaming loyalty programs, as well as loyalty programs using digital technologies. Thus, the actual types of loyalty programs are: bonus, discount, club, paid, gaming and using digital technologies. To successfully implement and implement technology loyalty programs, a significant amount of resources has to be spent. This should be preceded by marketing research and a detailed description of the target client's portrait in order to fulfill the eligibility criteria and match the gaming practices to the interests of the target segments of the company. Competent application of loyalty programs allows companies not only to increase profits, but also to inspire confidence in the consumers of products or services, gaining a larger share of the market.