A new quality in the management of sustainable development of entrepreneurial structures


The present study focuses on the problems of the management system of small and medium-sized enterprises and sustainable development of entrepreneurial structures. In the conditions of Russia's integration into the global market, management and sustainability of the qualitative changes in the economic growth are the only possibility of survival in a global world and subsequent efficient development of the economy due to the growth of a competitive product, as well as the socialization of society. We have revealed the dependences showing that by their economic nature small and medium-sized businesses are initially located in the declining trend of stability and increasing fluctuation and turbulence of economic growth, and therefore always need to lose equilibrium and come out of crisis, moving onto the steady state and dynamic development. In this regard, the provision of economic, financial and technological sustainability of entrepreneurial structures on a new basis is an important economic task, and it requires new scientific research. The article presents the trends of development of the system of small and medium-sized enterprises through dynamic trend and chronotopical cluster analysis. The focus is on the formation of the concept of «a new quality of sustainable development of the economy of an enterprise». We have determined the role of crises in transition to a new stage of development of the system of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, stages and directions of the transition of the system of small and medium-sized enterprises to a qualitatively new economy.