Human resource management technologies based on a digital approach

Theoretical bases of economics and management

The development of human capital at the state and regional levels, as well as the implementation of programs for the development of human resources of enterprises, allows us to solve the strategic task of innovative and sustainable development of the country. The introduction of innovative management methods is a key factor in the sustainable and competitive operation of enterprises. The article emphasizes that the most effective use of human capital in the conditions of digital transformation is possible only when forming a strategy for continuous professional growth of personnel based on the use of new technologies and programs. The need to increase knowledge for staff in the field of digital technologies was noted. The task is to increase the activity of the organization and the efficiency of its work on the basis of creating a reliable digital infrastructure and increasing the level of knowledge. Smart manufacturing involves highly skilled workers who know practical and information technologies and operate at a completely new level. Industry 4.0 connects systemic industrial technology and smart manufacturing processes, in which business models and the entire industry will be radically transformed. Technological leadership and excellence in the automation and software industry based on embedded systems and strong industrial networks will lay the foundations for the success of the Industry 4.0 project. The transition of production to Industry 4.0 technologies requires staff training for new requirements, since employees will face different challenges. Staff will be able to adapt to the changes better. Human resource qualifications are important indicators of economic development within Industry 4.0.