Analysis of labor activity and organizational problems in economics of joint consumption

Digital economy: theory and practice

The object of the research is labor relations, economic, organizational, social and other problems in the economy of the joint consumption sharing economy. The author's notion of the «sharing economy» is given. Briefly outlined the forms of sharing economy in various fields of activity (in transport, energy, real estate, tourism, money, education, etc.). Most of these forms of sharing economy create new business opportunities and at the same time new employment opportunities. The problems arising in the sharing economy with employees in the absence of workers' rights under an employment contract are considered, an analysis of the forms of cooperation that have become popular and widespread due to the current era of innovation and technology and the digitalization of society are given. The problems and risks of sharing economy are expressed. In e-commerce, there are also certain problems in registering transnational transactions. Import is registered only when it exceeds a certain value, but in the case of purchases via the Internet, you can perform operations with smaller amounts, including individuals. As these operations become important, the error committed will grow. Digitization also creates problems for controlling the amount of commercial activity conducted through services offering free and advanced subscription or access services, which are later paid through access but actually allow unlimited use. Identified a range of issues (legal, organizational, economic, environmental, etc.) that arise during the introduction of ESP. Some proposals have been put forward for improving activities in the sharing economy now and in the future, and which should increase its effectiveness. The processes of digitalization of society are becoming the prerogative of the global economy and individual countries, which increases the significance of the discussion of the problems discussed below. The article will contribute to the promotion of sharing economy and the dissemination of information about what problems currently exist in it and that they need to be solved.