The management of business processes of the integrated structures on the principles of sharing of digital technology

Digital economy: theory and practice

Today, digitalization has become an irreversible process, the most important factor in the development of almost any industry. In modern realities, the engine of innovation is not only the state or large social and industrial groups. The transition is formed through the consumer sector, which, thanks to its mobility and the ability to accumulate capital, concentrates innovative approaches and practices of the digital economy. The adaptability of the digital environment makes it possible to optimize business processes in the most complex management models. Currently, there is a transition to a new management model, which is based on the integration processes in organizations, their Association with the help of global information systems. The task of integrated structures is to properly integrate into this reality of the economy and its future. Digital platforms offer fundamentally new opportunities for the creation and dynamic development of integrated structures. The purpose of the study is to substantiate the nature, features and possibilities of the joint use of distributed registry technologies and "big data" in the management of business processes of integrated structures. The study was conducted on the materials characterizing the development of this concept both in the whole world and its spread in the Russian economy. It is proved that for business it is possible to consider perspective Association of blockchain technologies and "big data" as there is an opportunity to model a large number of business processes. It is possible to move from reacting to a certain market situation to detailed forecasting and automation of various tasks. The combination of analytical capabilities of big data and automatic execution of smart contracts will automate a number of business processes, but not the entire process of management decision-making. After all, it is illogical, intuitive, probabilistic and high-risk solutions (which can not be performed automatically by technical means built only on analysis and logic) that allow you to make breakthroughs in doing business. It is lateral marketing moves and illogical management decisions that very often allow a business to be successful, but at the same time have a number of automated applications in its Arsenal and use certain blockchain platforms when doing business will be useful and reasonable in modern conditions.