Strategic planning for corporation development based on analysis of economic zones

Economy and management of the enterprise

Strategic planning is the most important element in business management and is especially significant for large-scale holdings, helping determine the specific directions for future activity and the desired objectives, connecting the company with the environment, linking internal opportunities and external conditions, identifying and detailing opportunities. Strategic planning creates the foundation for subsequent calendar planning, its purposes, indicators, resources and restrictions. The strategy for forming a future manufacturing and technological environment is aimed at developing essentially new products in the field of the holding’s activity, forming a higher level of satisfying the needs, generating new areas of demand, creating more effective new technologies. Such a strategy is in fact aimed at advancing the development of national economy in the given manufacturing and technological area.  We have found that fundamental difference of methodology of strategic planning for forming a future manufacturing and technological environment is that the future technological image of a specific sector of activity is developed at first, and the structure of the equipment included in the holding’s strategy is a consequence of the first task. A system for providing equipment for the manufacturing and technological environment is formed at the first stage, while the holding selects the equipment to purchase and manufacture at the second stage. The management of the holding actually develops, instead of a strategy of the enterprise, a strategy for the conditions of activity, with the efficiency of equipment supply sources subsequently estimated (i.e., whether the equipment is to be manufactured by the holding, by which entrepreise, or whether it is to be purchased). We have considered the principles for creating a strategy of innovative development of the enterprise with the example of Schwabe holding, focused on improving the quality of life, giving examples of innovative solutions and a business model. The key trends of development of a company have been classified.