Planning and monitoring the implementation of the project on economic security of the organization

Economy and management of the enterprise

The article considers the process of managing the Project on Economic Security of the Organization. Important stages of management are planning and monitoring of all activities. A detailed study of the project plan is required in order to carry out all operations and complete the project successfully. Monitoring the implementation of operations allows to control the progress of the project and make the necessary adjustments in accordance with the company's objectives and its current capabilities. We have substantiated the possibility of applying project management techniques to the company's operational activities, including ensuring economic security. The project approach has already proved efficient for large industrial, manufacturing and technological enterprises in Western countries, which means that project management can be introduced as a method for organizing and managing production in our country. Methods of network planning are used to describe, analyze and optimize the Project on Economic Security of the Organization. We have considered the methodology of network planning of production systems. The key elements of the project plan such as tasks, resources and assignments are described in accordance with the methodology. We have used a network model with operations in the nodes as an analytical system of project management. Based on the initial data on the state of threats to economic security of NOVATEKPJSC, we have calculated the time parameters of the network model. The temporal parameters of the network model have been calculated using the tabular method. We have consistently filled out the columns of the analytical calculation table based on initial data in accordance with the methodology of network planning. Since it is impossible to accurately calculate the duration of the works in practice, we have used the law of distribution of duration of works to eliminate this restriction. The estimated duration of operations was calculated taking into account their mathematical expectation and variance, which allowed to include the error in the calculations, and to determine the necessary project implementation probabilities and possible delays for a specific date. This methodology also allows to assess the possibility of accelerating the project and to calculate the most likely time when it is completed.