Algorithm for determination of innovative development parameters of telecommunication enterprises

Economy and management of enterprise and complexes

The relevance of innovative development management of the enterprises is caused by high rates of scientific and technological progress and need of fast adaptation to changes of the external environment of the enterprises and maximizing profit for the minimum time. In view of the fact that production of new types of service directly depends on development and release of new communication equipment, producers of services need to determine parameters of innovative development in advance that causes relevance of the research. Objective is to develop an algorithm for determination of innovative development parameters of telecommunication enterprises at which the set efficiency level is provided. Object of assessment are telecommunication enterprises. The economic essence of the algorithm generally consists in realization of the following stages: allocation of quasihomogeneous fragments by quantity, quality and the cost of information services; identification of structure of information inclination of multiple subscribers, the selected quasihomogeneous fragments allowing to estimate the level of the missed benefit; assessment of subscribers solvency on fragments with the smaller level of innovation; comparison of the loss of profit extent and profitability of innovations; assessment of an innovative resource. The algorithm is intended for determination of parameters of innovative development of telecommunication enterprises at which the set level of efficiency is provided. The algorithm can be applied on telecommunication enterprises which are producing and implementing telecommunication services, and at some adaptation, to other objects. Frequency of assessment depends rates of scientific and technical development in the communication field and change of solvency level of communication services consumers and their quantity in the set region and also change of technical characteristics extent on communication objects of the interacting and (or) competitor communication companies (telecom operators).