Structural and functional characteristics of the it components of the innovation cluster

Economy and management of the enterprise and clusters

Analysis of existing approaches to the formation of clusters has made it possible to identify key actors of innovation activity that determine the effectiveness of the actors in the cluster, including scientific and educational organizations, manufacturing enterprises, public authorities (act as regulators), and a specially created body (more often in total, the Center for Cluster Development). Unfortunately, the creation of an innovative cluster does not pay much attention to the formation of an appropriate infrastructure. A key element of such an infrastructure should be information and analytical centers, whose tasks will include the accumulation of information flows, the creation of a database, the analysis of information received, and the forecasting of the potential needs of production enterprises that are part of the cluster. In addition, the information and analytical center can solve strategic problems, becoming an independent actor. Thus, one of the key trends in the informatization market is the need to develop industry solutions, i.e. creation of universal products, allowing to increase the efficiency of business processes. That completely corresponds to the structural and functional features of innovative clusters.