Industrial cluster as the platform of optimization for strategic management of development of high-tech business

Economy and management of the enterprise and clusters

The article presents a methodological approach to the construction of a model of optimization of planning the functioning of enterprises, firms, corporations in the industrial cluster. It is assumed that the formation of the cluster is based on the economic interest of enterprises. Such interest is associated with the development and implementation of innovation and investment projects that provide a significant increase in added value from the sale of high-tech products. The solution of such a problem is important for planning practice. Therefore, the relevance of this research topic is not in doubt. The development of mechanisms for managing the development of enterprises and corporations provides for their integration. There are a lot of problems of justification of internal corporate prices; determination of the synergistic effect and its distribution among the cluster members; evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects, financial innovations and other developments. The most effective organization of production at the enterprises of the cluster in the production of complex, science-intensive products with high added value, solvent demand in the domestic market and abroad. Therefore, the development of a generalized mechanism for solving such problems without studies simulating such processes on the basis of modeling is quite complex. Particular attention in the development of methodological approach to the construction of the optimization model of planning the functioning and development of the industrial cluster is to identify the elements that determine the emergence of a systemic (synergistic) effect. The system effect of the integration of enterprises is the effect of saving overhead costs; the use of net profit with returns and interest payments; involvement in the turnover of the effects of cooperation of production, the introduction of various joint innovations. The synergistic effect is associated with the complex use of intangible and tangible (fixed assets) assets of all cluster companies. Such situations create economic and technological interest of enterprises in cooperation. The formation of clusters is an important element of the industrial policy of the region. The results of practical calculations showed the effectiveness of the proposed mechanism of management of industrial clusters.