Spatial model of innovative technological regional development

Regional and branch economy

The development of technologies and innovations in general in Russia is not entirely satisfying for the innovative activity in large and medium-sized enterprises in the regions. The current situation indicates that our economy is not ready for a technological breakthrough in some areas of activity. The weak susceptibility of the business to scientific and technical makes the research relevant. The main goal of this article is to show that the aims and objectives of the innovation economy are in the general line of national trends, and the logic of its development corresponds to the processes of production modernization and technological re-equipment. To achieve these goals, the following tasks were accomplished: the approaches to innovation activity were systematized; an algorithm of comparative analysis for the introduction of advanced technological innovations into production, the practical use of the set of resources that form the innovative resource «launch platform» of organizations was given. As the main research methods we used: an analytical review of theoretical approaches; algorithm of comparative analysis of the main indicators characterizing the innovative activity in economy; system, structural-logical, economic-statistical and comparative analysis. An in-depth analysis of the innovative activity of organizations in the sphere of production was carried out and an innovative approach was formed, which is based on the innovative activity of territories and business structures. The dynamics of technological modernization bases on the activation of innovative development as a complex generalizing process at the macro and meso levels; the methodological support of modernization is based on building innovative technological spatial development. The materials stated in the article show that the technological innovation potential of the regions can be defined as a combination of conditions, resources, human perception and adoption of processes that change their lives under a variety of factors and criteria when applying different approaches to the formation of a resource «launch platform» for organizations. The research carried out in the article deals with the spatial development of innovative technologies. The application of the set of technologies, innovations and available resources allow improving the management technology, solving problems using the integrated potential of resources, effective management of the regional innovation system and organizations.