Study of cluster initiatives in an advanced development region

Regional and branch economy

The formation of industrial clusters for advancing regional development is a priority strategic objective. Territories of advanced socio-economic development have been created in the Russian Far East; an innovative territorial air and shipbuilding cluster (ITSC) operates in the Khabarovsk Krai. Studying the cooperative chains of an anchor resident of an innovation cluster on the territory of advanced development made it possible to draw a conclusion about the small role of regional organizations in the value chain of high-tech products. This role is mostly in providing human resources, infrastructure and services, primarily, construction, assembly and repairs. However, a territorial innovation cluster also contains small innovation enterprises of the State University, located in the territory of advanced development. We have confirmed that establishing small innovative enterprises at the University contributes to the emergence of cluster initiatives in the productive sphere of the region. When arranging interactions in a new value chain demand; to meet the participants interaction (primarily University) are conducting research and development and create innovations that are introduced into production. A new demand arises in the organization of interactions in a value chain; to satisfy this demand, the participants in the interaction (first of all, the university) carry out research and development and create innovative projects that are introduced into production. These processes lead to understanding the new role of universities in regional development. A university is regarded as a center of regional development, integrating education, research and innovation within the educational process. Establishing the innovation infrastructure and developing entrepreneurship in the territories of advanced development can enhance the commercialization of scientific and technical developments. The goal of this study is to test hypotheses about cluster initiatives in the region of advanced development. We have examined a model of interaction between the university and the industrial enterprises of the cluster in the territory of advanced development using the Komsomolsk-on-Amur State University as an example. We have concluded that the hypothesis has been confirmed.