Software implementation of the method of evaluating the efficiency of the state customer in procurement

Regional and branch economy

Considering the Strategy of Economic Security of the Russian Federation until 2030, it should be noted that the issues of ensuring efficiency in procurement for state needs have recently become particularly relevant. In our opinion, the effectiveness of the contract system in the procurement sphere for the provision of state needs mainly depends on the quality of work of government customers as the main participants in the procurement market. The article describes a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the customer in the procurement field in the form of the Performance Evaluation software product «»for OS Windows. The advantage of this technique is the set of criteria covering a wide range of indicators that characterize the purchasing activity of customers. Obtaining such an assessment is necessary for analysis by controlling bodies, participants in procurement, and by the customers themselves in order to identify violations during the acquisition process. The Performance Evaluation software was tested and validated «»based on estimating the activity of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg in the procurement market. The values of the indicators for 2016 were selected by the open data of the official site of the Unified Information System in the field of procurement. As a result of testing, a value of efficiency of 0.89 was obtained for the Department, which indicates the extremely high efficiency of the customer. A conclusion was made about the reliability of the results obtained and the possibility of using the developed program in the work of contract system participants.