«Big data» as a factor in the change of decision making processes in the economy

Strategic planning of the development of economic systems

The article discusses the impact of «big data» on the decision-making process. The approaches to the definition of the concept of «large data», the revealed structure of this concept, including methods of data collection, storage, access, mathematical methods of analysis, revealed hidden patterns and rules for their use are investigated. The influence of «big data» on the decision-making process has been studied, the models allowing to take into account these features are considered. The use of «large data» in organizations leads to a significant change in different areas of activity. It is shown that «large data» creates a new paradigm of data analysis, changing the fundamental principles of data collection, storage, processing and transmission. Such significant paradigm shifts affect many basic processes of purposeful, organized activity, including decision-making processes. The issues of the influence of «big data» on viewing investment projects, organizational decisions and corporate culture are considered. It is shown that the construction of management models taking into account « big data» in all their multifacetedness leads to the need to solve new problems: determining inclusiveness (availability of information use) and flexibility (data usage efficiency). The questions of influence of «big data» on investments are investigated. In essence, this is an investment in the development of infrastructure, but in its tasks go beyond its scope, affecting the costs of changing the organizational structure, the principles and rules of data management, etc. The reason for the methodological underdevelopment of this issue is the insignificant accumulated experience in the field of « big data» management. The article discusses the impact of «big data» not only on the technological infrastructure, but also on changes in the field of corporate culture and the entire management system