Analysis of the organization of control, optimization and practice of innovative development of the industrial cluster

Economy and management of the enterprise

Relevance of operation is caused by creation of qualitative system of simulation and practice of innovative development of an industrial cluster. The purpose of operation is the analysis of the organization of control of an industrial cluster (set of the enterprises). Creation of the mathematical model, first, defining strategic functioning of a cluster in the framework of innovative development, secondly, aimed at improving the competitiveness of its products on the world market. The decision of the practical (numerical) problems arising in case of strategic planning and forecasting of development of a cluster. The mathematical model is provided by the vector problem of the linear programming (VPLP). Criteria of such task consider focus of each enterprise entering a cluster. Restrictions are work and material forces, production capacities of the enterprise. For the solution of VPLP the methods based on normalization of criteria and the principle of the guaranteed result are used. The strategic plan formed on the basis of the numerical problem of the vector optimization oriented on innovative development of an industrial cluster on the basis of extensive and intensive factors of development of production. The software is in practice developed for use of models of vector optimization. In the practical task correlation head and two auxiliary enterprises of a cluster for implementation of a common goal – release of competitively capable product is provided. In the task of vector optimization restrictions for resources are used: the material, labor and production capacities. VPLP is solved in the speaker on assigned amount of years. As a result of the decision are provided: the nomenclature and volumes of production released by a cluster within five years, including, the first, second and head enterprise; economic indices – sales volumes on each enterprise, volumes of profit and value added of a cluster.