Optimization of partner networks of enterprises in developing new production

Economy and management of the enterprise

The release of a large machine or a vehicle necessitates a system of interacting enterprises. One enterprise cannot solve a problem of releasing the entire set of components and providing assembly of the final product. In projects of import substitution it is necessary not just to repeat a product, it is required to release the modernized product with the best efficiency of use and smaller cost of production. The distribution of all works between collaborators allows to reduce the time for design, for preparing the production and releasing the product. The release of the final product is the responsibility of the medium-sized or large enterprise, but the collaborators are small enterprises. A separate detail, knot, or block is processed more quickly by a small enterprise. The small industrial enterprise is distinguished by higher individual aiming at efficiency of result, higher specialization, higher individual professionalism, a smaller share of overhead costs, high flexibility. All this in total allows to assume a lower prime cost in small series of production, shorter time for developing new production, optimization of a product in import substitution. This will be fully achieved when the corresponding environment of interaction is created, with the correct decomposition of the general process of production, the best selection of subjects participating in the process. The article considers the problems of the preparatory period: choosing the main performer, designing a product, performing the disaggregation of the product, determining the manufacturers of separate blocks and details, organizing the interaction of collaborators, and also the organizational and economic tasks, such as choosing a form of interaction of collaborators, estimating the contribution of each of the participants, constructing the scheme of motivation of participants, providing the minimization of time of preparation of production, organizing the release of products.