Evaluation of ecological and economic safety of an industrial enterprise using fuzzy logic tools

Economy and management of the enterprise

The main difficulties in determining the level of security of organizations are in selecting the preferred methodologies, adapting them to the tasks to be solved, developing optimal algorithms, selecting the factor database. The article reviews the approaches to assessing environmental and economic safety. The Crimean industrial enterprises are used as an example. The authors consider the main indicators and trends of Crimean engineering enterprises based on the regional and industrial statistical economic data. The study has demonstrated a significant mutual influence of the company and the external environment. In modern times, large enterprises function in specific urban ecosystems. This situation enhances the negative transformations. The risk of an emergency greatly increases the uncertainty of the environment. In the conditions of permanently variable parameters that are difficult to concretize, the most adequate results for analyzing environmental and economic safety are provided by methods of expert evaluation, fuzzy logic and their combination. This study used the method of fuzzy multiple modeling with a fixed set of determining factors. We created a balanced scorecard of the enterprise’s environmental and economic safety. We presented a four-level data hierarchy for generating a correct system of production rules. The developed model allows the flexible change of the input data. Based on computing the values of integrated indicators, we give the recommendations to improve the level of environmental and economic security of actual enterprises. The constructed model is highly versatile and can be adapted to the needs of a particular enterprise taking into account the specifics of a sectoral or territorial cluster if necessary.