Fighting poverty during the global economic crisis (based on France example)

World economy

Decades of the economic prosperity for many countries, including the most developed ones, have been replaced with a perceived decline in GDP and in the standard of living of the population accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Growing poverty caused social unrest, increasing the protest mood of the population. Together with the worsening aggressive foreign policy of a number of countries, primarily the United States and Great Britain, uncontrolled progression of events in this area represents a real threat to the national and economic security of many countries. Most governments of the world need to find measures of the regulatory impact on population's poverty. It is necessary to ensure not only their social efficiency, but also economic one. Extended experience gained in this field in France, traditionally has been focused on internal politics in working out redistributive mechanisms to avoid an excessive income gap between citizens. March, 3 2015 is the date when there was presented a new government program aimed at reducing poverty. Ambitious plans of the French government caused a huge public outcry in France and abroad, and turned out to be in the spotlight. The study of the proposed mechanisms does not allow us to evaluate the proposed plan to fight poverty only positively. However, the French experience, presented in this study, may be useful for government agencies, who develop and implement programs in this area, as well as for scientists and other experts. The analysis of existing problems and the presented overview of the proposed solutions is an impulse for further research in this area.