Market mechanisms of investment attraction into development of power industry

Regional and branch economy

The paper examines key problems of regional electric power supply systems emerging from the lack of regulated interaction mechanisms aimed at uniting the resources of different subjects for the purposes of investment activities. One of the main problems of the power supply industry is physical and moral ageing of both generating and electric grid equipment. The reasons why a management system for developing the electric power industry has to be formed is considered in the article. Deficiencies of modern investment process procedure organization in power companies are described. Absence of continuity between regional and local strategic planning documents and investment planning of a power company is shown. The possibility to develop a new mechanism of investment attracting is proposed. Regulation of joint activities to implement regional electric power industry development program is suggested. A management system of electric power industry development in the RF is presented. A scheme of interaction on development of electric power infrastructure is described. A mechanism to realize interconnection between state sectoral and regional planning and corporate planning of power supply infrastructure development is proposed. Regional aspects of industrial policy and its legislative support have been considered. To successfully implement PPP projects an effective PPP model has to be created within the federal and regional legislation frameworks, a financial model providing recoverability of investments needs to be developed, mutually beneficial cooperation between executive bodies and private investors is to be provided. Conclusions on the possibility to apply PPP (public-private-partnership) mechanism for regional electric power infrastructure development is justified. Application of the PPP mechanism can help solve the problem of developing the regional and interregional electric power infrastructure, which is of vital importance for the regions of Siberia and the Far East.