Сoncept of forming the municipal market of engineering knowledge

Regional and branch economy

The regional market of Knowledge is the economic system, the infrastructure of which implements a function to enhance continuously the competent level of enterprises' manufacturing-technological systems. It provides the increase in sales of products and /or services that have market cost, in other words, competitive advantage on the market. Products of the market of Knowledge are educational bachelor's programs by the major «Innovation» and master's programs by the major «Innovation management», which is university's intellectual property and intangible assets. The mechanical-engineering enterprises of the municipal district have been offered to purchase these intangible assets in the form of «Rights to manage the study process under the Bachelor’s Educational Program» and «Rights to manage the study process under the Master’s Educational Program» adapted to the competent level of manufacturing-technological systems of each enterprise. These Educational Programs have been accredited in the Russian Federation and submitted for the ASIIN accreditation. The estimation of capitalizing the balance cost of intangible assets shows that managing amortization techniques allows adjusting the base for the tax on operating income. Besides, if we have a group of at least 10 students who pay for the course of 4 years – the study period of bachelor students -, it will result in the capitalization of 3.47. The main advantage of the concept of the municipal infrastructure of the Knowledge market is the formation of a market structure based on the purchase of intangible assets, which provides funding for accreditation of Educational Programs at the European accreditation agencies. The proposed methodology to assess the level of competence in manufacturing-technological systems provides reasonable investments into their competent level and functional capabilities. The methodology allows controlling the stability of consumer properties of products having a competitive advantage on the market.