The influence of small businesses on the economic growth in Russia

Regional and branch economy

The given paper focuses on the theoretical approaches that enable to estimate the influence of the development of small business on the factors of the economic growth. It discusses the evaluation of the role of small business in the context of the theories of reforms at the present stage. It is proved that the functioning technology of the short-term and medium-term forecasting hardly takes into account the enterprising potency of the population and it leads to the reduction of efficiency of the taken decisions both on the federal and regional levels. It is shown that the decisions to change the conditions of the functioning of small business should account for the estimation of the labour market and the regional peculiarities. It is necessary to develop and expand the existing practice of the medium-term forecasting with the procedures and methods that allow to estimate the decisions taken by the authorities regarding small business from the position of their influence on the factors of the economic growth. These approaches and procedures are performed on the formal level using the methods of econometric simulation, and they will considerably facilitate the process of complex expert analysis of consumer demand and income which usually was executed. Within the frame of the short-term forecast, it is offered to develop the procedures and methods that make it possible to modify the rational correlation of small forms and large enterprises in accordance with the tasks of the modernization period of the country.