Digital ecosystem: trend in strategic development of Russian companies

Digital economy: theory and practice

 In the 21st century, with the widespread development of the digital economy, there is a tendency for companies to create digital business ecosystems. This intention of big companies is explained by the desire to get more profit in a competitive environment by attracting more consumers and some other factors. The development of the digital business ecosystem market is also stimulated by consumer demand for such services, since in most cases the use of digital ecosystem services is convenient and beneficial for the user. Nevertheless, the authors had considered possible risks associated with the prospects for the development of business ecosystems in the consumer market, such as troubled market’s entry to small businesses and decrease the consumer’s freedom of choice due to market’s oligopolization. The authors conducted comparative analysis of different domestic approaches to study the issue of regulating the activities of digital business ecosystems. Paper examines the evolution of digital business ecosystems in Russia using the examples of Yandex and Sberbank, two Russian largest companies developing their own digital ecosystems and creating competing services. The study explores current companies’ positions on Russian market through the analysis of financial activities, as well as a comparative analysis of companies' policies in the field of strategic development. The forecast for Yandex and Sberbank based on the analysis in the field of digital business ecosystems was considered, as well as an overview of further directions for the development of digital business ecosystems for Russian companies, paying special attention to the peculiarities of Russian economy and legislation.