Analysis of industrial development in the country's regions based on Industry programs 4.0

Regional and branch economy

Industry is the most important sector of the country’s economy of the Russian Federation. Industry has a significant impact on the economic development of the country, for the entire course of its expanded reproduction. Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical production, production and processing of hydrocarbons are most developed in the regions of Russia. Industrialized regions differ in industries and levels of technological development. After conducting research on the indicators and dynamics of industrial production, it is possible to identify the most successful industrially developed regions. The introduction of new technologies requires significant financial resources, and many enterprises have problems with investments. The production of those regions that actively introduce new technologies is effective. It is shown that the industrial revolution led to creation of digital production facilities, automation and robotization of which accelerated production processes and significantly increased quality indicators. Digital transformation is the leading direction of technological development of the industry. The study reveals the role of new technologies, points to the need for their intensive implementation in the industrial sphere, analyzes the state of industry in the regions, reveals the role of digital platforms. It is emphasized that Industry 4.0 requires leading production managers to review their strategic priorities. Digital technologies provide for the creation of communication networks, digital platforms for working with various data, as well as a research base in the country. The participation of the state in the implementation of regional strategies and the formation of high-tech industries is an important mechanism for the implementation of economic policy. The article considers the regions of Russia where the industrial production potential is high and Industry 4.0 technologies are being successfully implemented. It analyzes the extent to which the Russian industry has mastered advanced digital technologies, the scope of application of digital automated lines and modern software products. The role of digital technologies in production management, in the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of new developments on world markets is revealed. Knowledge, intellectual resources, information technologies, automated systems, the developed infrastructure of the national innovation system, a modern technological platform, and high technologies play an important role in the activation of the innovation process. Effective investment in industry contributes to increasing the competition of manufactured products, updating the technological base. Digital transformation of manufacturing industries is carried out on the basis of the latest equipment, new machines. It is shown that the key factor for the successful functioning of the economy is the high level of development of science, the creation and application of innovative technologies, standardization in the field of high technologies. The main objectives of the established development centers are the activation of innovation activities in the regions, the concentration of resources and factors of production in a limited area.