Tools for research and assessment of the consumer market potential in a transformed economy

Economic & mathematical methods and models

This article discusses current trends in the development of the regional (territorial) consumer market in the context of the transformation of the modern economy using Sverdlovsk Oblast as an example. The current socio-economic development of Russian territories is characterized by a special level of development of various segments of the consumer market and by a system of indicators that allow to get a real picture of the socio-economic development and well-being of the territory (region). The authors of the article prove that the consumer market is an important sphere of the economy of any state and a link between consumption and production balancing supply and demand. The modern consumer market is a special form of business organization developing in a highly competitive environment, while meeting the ambitious needs of business owners. The relevance of the chosen research direction is determined by the significant role of segments of the consumer market in the development of economic sectors, both in a separate territory and in the state as a whole. From the point of view of the economic concept of the transition period, the consumer market is the reverse side of commodity production, the basis of the market economy. This led to the need for a more in-depth analysis of issues related to monitoring the effectiveness of the development of segments of the consumer market in the region. The purpose of the research was to develop the authors’ conceptual position on the economic development of segments of the consumer market, which allows a comprehensive assessment of the potential for strategic development of the regional economy as a whole, and individual industry segments of a single subject. Based on the presented statistical data, the current state and development of the consumer market is analyzed, taking into account the current economic conditions of the region. The authors have sufficiently studied and summarized the theoretical positions of leading scientists regarding indicators that allow us to comprehensively characterize the level and development potential of economic entities in the consumer market. The study developed a conceptual position on a set of financial tools allowing to evaluate the results of financial and economic activities, as well as strategic opportunities of separate economic entities and industry segments of the consumer market of the region.