Territories with a special legal regime of economic activity as an instrument of regional innovative policy

Innovations management

One of the instruments of the regional policy is the establishment of special legal regimes of economic activity within the boundaries of a certain territory aimed at solving various tasks. Such tasks include accelerating and integrating economic processes, attracting investments, developing territories, production, and innovative activities, as well as aligning the socio-economic development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The authors focus on the essence of such an instrument of regional policy as special legal regimes of economic activity established within the boundaries of a territory. The authors’ methods of research included analysis, generalization, systematization, comparison, interpretation, juxtaposition. The authors analysed basic existing forms of spatial organization of innovative economy, administrative and legal regimes, specified the definitions of the reviewed forms, the requirements and potential scale of an organization, composition of participants, availability of investments, essence of governmental participation
and regulation, existing measures of support, procedures of creation and termination, terms of  functioning and etc. The authors conclude the instrument under consideration is overly widespread and territorial zoning is used excessively, while often falling short of high expectations and providing no sufficient economic effect. The conclusions made by the authors may help with further studies on integration processes in innovative environment, to determine ways, forms and methods of perspective development of the innovative infrastructure in the future.