Digital platforms for development of innovative transport logistic systems

Innovations management

The article is devoted to the analysis and solution of a problem of innovative transport and logistics system on a digital platform. The research topic is relevant due to the urgent need for a new, innovative approach to creating a transport and logistics system based on modern digital technologies. The authors formulate the provisions of a conceptual approach to the creation of a common digital platform characterized by the use of the integrated logistics paradigm as the basic concept of managing the interaction of market entities in the supply chain “supplier-transport company-consumer”. It serves as the basis for the introduction of telematics principles in the operational management of the transport and logistics system. We consider recommendations on the creation of joint digital platform for participants of the transport and logistics system in the context of focus on solving the problems of operational impact on the flow of goods, increasing the speed and quality of customer service. We consider the concept of “innovative transport and logistics system” and define the role of digitalization in the process of creating a transport and logistics system. To increase the efficiency of the management process of the transport and logistics system of an innovative nature on the basis of the process approach the stages of its formation have been developed. For each of the stages the authors propose to apply information technologies determined by the nature of its results. The experience of the development and implementation of innovative products in transport logistics is analyzed, the existing shortcomings are revealed, in particular, related to satellite tracking systems, the influence of the human factor on the results of operations, poor attention to the development of innovations in the transport and logistics system for the integration of warehouse and transport facilities. We conclude that while many technologies, systems and programs that allow you to
track and determine the location of both the vehicle and the cargo separately are in operation, the formation of innovative transport and logistics system on a digital platform remains relevant and unresolved. When developing and implementing the stages of forming an innovative transport and logistics system, certain prerequisites should be taken into account, including organizational ones (analysis of processes and functions performed by subjects of transport and logistic interaction, creation of a regulatory legal field, development and approval of technological standards and information exchange protocols); technological (ensuring efficient online interaction during logistics operations, implementation of support for users of the CDP in the remote access mode with transaction partners; implementation of technological interfaces to systems containing transport and logistics information).