Strategic management system of transformation of industrial enterprises

Economy and management of the enterprise

The article is devoted to topical issues of management of transformation and development of industrial enterprises and complexes in the digital environment. Structural and institutional changes in the economy under the influence of digital technology and innovation determine the need to implement effective systems for managing strategic changes in production organizations. These systems allow for the balanced performance of functions and processes for the development and implementation of enterprise reform strategies and dynamically restructure their functioning models in accordance with new market requirements. These systems should be cyber-social and include a set of industrial complex management tools integrated on the basis of functional (structural, administrative, executive, methodological and other) and digital types of communications. The article offers a platform approach to the formation of a system of strategic management of industrial enterprise transformations, combining the advantages of systemic, structural-functional, institutional, digital, process, hierarchical and other methods. In accordance with this approach, the structural scheme of the system is developed and its content is substantiated. Elements of the system are aggregated into a set of specialized platforms, the key of which are: 1) digital; 2) functional; 3) process; 4) personnel; 5) organizational and structural; 6) institutional; 7) infrastructure. Platforms are integrated among themselves in a single barrier-free environment through the use of digital technology. This increases the quality and speed of managerial decision-making, and also provides flexibility and adaptability of the strategic change management system as a whole. An important competitive feature of the system is the modular structure of individual platforms, which allows you to quickly exclude, add and replace its elements, thereby optimizing the content and order of functions and processes for institutional transformation of the enterprise. For system integration in the industrial complex of the proposed conceptual algorithm consisting of three stages: 1) analysis of the company's readiness to implement the system; 2) development of implementation plan, taking into account existing constraints and opportunities; 3) deployment of the system and monitoring its efficiency. Thus, the variant of the strategic change management system presented in the study allows to administer at a qualitatively new level the activities on transformation of business models in the conditions of the digital economy at enterprises.