The enterprise human capital development in improving the training system

Economy and management of the enterprise

The formation of human capital as to the current and future needs of production is a serious challenge for modern enterprises. Human capital is one of the most important resources of an enterprise, which determine efficiency of its economic activity. In this connection, forming of an adequate system for assessing an enterprise’s human capital is important and actual. One of the ways to solve this problem is the formation of the enterprise vocational education ecosystem, by combining with various educational organizations. As an illustration, the paper describes the professional and educational ecosystem of PJSC Rostvertol. The emphasis made on the structural and species description of the vocational education ecosystem, which allows the use of mathematical apparatus. It shown that sustainable professional and educational ecosystems are able to meet the needs and respond to the challenges of digital transformation due to the processes of self-development and self-organization and the associated synergetic effects. The analysis of the effectiveness of the professional and educational ecosystem can be based on the stakeholder theory, based on the assessment of the results of the ecosystem by its main participants. In order to analyze the effectiveness of the professional and educational ecosystem of PJSC Rostvertol, a survey of its participants was conducted on the importance of knowledge and skills acquired as a result of training, and satisfaction with them. On the basis of the poll results, a perceptual map was built by the analysis of Needs&Gaps. She demonstrated the most important attributes, describing the results of the professional and educational ecosystem from the perceptual of importance and satisfaction of participants in this ecosystem. The construction of the perceptual map made it possible to draw a conclusion about the high assessment of the participants of the ecosystem of practical skills acquired in the learning process. The results of the analysis of the professional and educational ecosystem of the enterprise confirm its effectiveness in solving the problem of human capital formation. The development of the professional and educational education ecosystem can be facilitated by the improvement of mechanisms for the transfer of professional knowledge. Development of effective approaches to training is possible only as a result of mutual cooperation of enterprises and educational institutions. Thus, the result of the functioning of the professional and educational ecosystem depends on the dynamics of complex relationships that arise between its participants in the socio-economic environment in the process of forming the human capital of the enterprise.