Analysis of innovative activity of companies in developing countries on the example of West African countries

Innovations management

In this current economic environment, dominated by the use of new technologies and strong demands for a wide range innovative goods and services by customers, innovative activity becomes an important factor for the development of the mature and new enterprises. Thus, companies which are failing to adapt to these changes or that have great difficulty in modifying their business operation are exposed to many constraints such as the disappearance of the market, or even dissipate their market share or lose their competitive position. Recently, the results of previous studies showed that in many African countries, the demand for skills has been growing in the public sector as a whole, especially in private sector, and this growth reflects the current pace of innovation. The situation requires political intervention from governments, which implies a better understanding of how innovation can be stimulated. The purpose of this article is to develop appropriate recommendations to increase the level of innovation activity of the West African countries community, therefore, their companies. And finally, make suggestions and recommendations to stimulate innovative activity in West African countries, which requires: a) developing a model for financing specific research in the region to ensure a stable distribution of resources, b) promoting the partnership of universities and companies at the national level can help to apply research to solve social problems; c) give priority to the more specific types of innovations that are characteristic of each West African country; e) support for new and existing companies to developed innovation activity.