Introduction of financial technologies to improve banking services for corporate clients

Digital economy: theory and practice

The article deals with measures to introduce innovations in the service of corporate clients by Russian banks. The approaches to the interpretation of the concept of «innovation» are analyzed, the trends of stimulating the development of financial technologies are highlighted, and the key principles of the Bank's innovative activity are considered. The author considers a specific model of formal assessment of the quality of innovative banking services for corporate clients. It consists of four blocks, for each of which a numerical assessment of the quality of the results obtained is possible. The model allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of using a certain banking strategy at a certain stage of development of banking innovations in servicing corporate clients. Special attention is paid to ensuring the equality of participants in the relationship (banks and customers) and the openness of the necessary information for them; the distributed register copes with this task. In the final part of the article, the author gives his own systematization of clients from the point of view of readiness for innovation and a list of the main innovative changes in the service of corporate clients by banks.