Clarification of the structure of intellectual capital based on the analysis of definitions of relational capital and consumer capital

Theoretical bases of economics and management

Intellectual capital and its structure represent a new direction in research in the field of Economics and management, which are engaged in scientists around the world. At the moment there is a problem with the unity of the terminological base of the research. This complicates the interaction between researchers, reduces the use of available data and slows down the development of this area of knowledge. These aspects indicate the relevance of the presented work. The aim of this work is to compare the composition of relational and consumer capital. The comparison will clarify the structure of intellectual capital. The base of scientific electronic library was used and Google Scholar's electronic database for research. The paper considers the content of the concepts of customer and consumer capital. The author compares these concepts and concludes that the concepts of customer and consumer capital are identical. It justifies the proposed use of the term "customer capital" and the rejection of the use of the term consumer capital. The author considers the content of the concepts of relational and customer capital. It is revealed that the customer capital is part of the relational capital. The use of the term customer capital as a component of the relational capital is proposed. There are three parts of the relational capital: customer, stakeholder and general, which has an impact on all subjects with which the company has interactions. The structure of intellectual capital is specified on the basis of the analysis of the content of the presented definitions.