Organizational and economic mechanism of management by innovative potential of industrial cluster

Economy and management of the enterprise

The development of industry and the improvement of the competitiveness of Russian industrial enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets are associated with the transition to a digital model of economic development, involving a high concentration of knowledge-intensive production, knowledge and technology. At the same time, the current level of innovative development of Russian industry does not fully meet the expectations associated with the formation of a new type of economy. The insufficient level of innovation activity of Russian industrial enterprises poses a direct threat to the country's economy due to an increase in import dependence. The quantitative growth of the national economy should be accompanied by innovations, ensuring the qualitative side of the production activities of economic entities, while strengthening their financial sustainability and the financial sustainability of Russia as a whole. In this situation, as shown by foreign and Russian experience, the integration of business entities is becoming an indispensable tool stimulating enterprises' susceptibility to innovations, as well as increase their innovation activity in general. The creation of industrial clusters is one of the current trends in economic transformations of the Russian economy. In accordance with this, the authors formulated the purpose of the study – based on studying the essence of clusters, as well as the concepts and assessments of their innovative potential. The directions of further research are seen by the authors in the study and approbation of the organizational and economic mechanism for managing the innovation potential of clusters of various sectoral orientations