Development of project approach to the organization of personnel training process of the enterprise

Economy and management of the enterprise and clusters

The effectiveness of the organization of activities for the management of personnel of the enterprise is one of the fundamental conditions for achieving high financial and economic indicators. Personnel management is based on a set of activities, one of which is the organization of training at various levels. The purpose of this article is to develop the most optimal approach to the organization of the training system in modern conditions. To achieve this goal, the article analyzes the existing methods of organization of the training system and its subsequent evaluation, identified shortcomings and proposed a more effective approach to the organization of activities to improve the competence of staff. In a dynamic environment, an important tool for the organization of management activities is teamwork, allowing more fully use the potential of employees and create synergies from joint activities. The system of personnel training is advisable to organize, based on the creation of project-oriented learning groups, including representatives of different departments and levels of management. This allows you to create an extended matrix of expected competencies-new knowledge, skills and abilities received by staff after training. The project approach allows to expand the scope of application of the new principles of work from a separate unit (group of employees) to the enterprise as a whole. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the learning process should be based on an expanded approach to the accounting of quantitative and qualitative parameters characterizing the transformation of knowledge into the results of financial and economic activities. A differentiated performance assessment should be made for each staff member, taking into account the level of knowledge gained and participation in the production process. Identification of the degree of increasing the level of competence is necessary to develop further measures in the framework of the organization of the training system, the formulation of areas of application of new knowledge and skills in the production process, optimization of management impact. The use of project approach to the learning process allows to optimize the financial resources of the enterprise both at the stage of the learning process and in further management activities.