Analysis of innovative approaches to developing network interaction in the system of commodity circulation

Theoretical bases of economics and management

The paper considers the network interaction in the system of commodity circulation. We have proved that the cooperation of production links leads to a continuum of management structures of inter-firm interaction. Network enterprises have a high level of innovation activity.  The systematization of scientific studies made it possible to substantiate our hypothesis that the effectiveness of network interaction has an impact on the innovative activity of enterprises. Network interaction in the system of commodity circulation involves service activities, in particular, providing trade services that improve the quality of service interaction. The effectiveness of networking is influenced by the ongoing logistics processes. Implementation of innovations depends on the one hand on the adaptation of the enterprise to innovations, and on correction of the innovation depending on internal environment of the enterprise on the other hand. To improve the quality of innovative decisions, it is necessary to create an innovation center responsible for improving the innovation potential. The basis of sustainable development of network trade is system-adaptive institutional regulation of commodity turnover, which allows to increase the innovative potential of the enterprise. Implementation of trade innovations occurs permanently, as they appear in the fields of information and computer technology, manufacturing refrigeration equipment, commercial and technological equipment, formation of new approaches in logistics, new marketing concepts, etc. Network trade is the leader in innovation.  It has a powerful resource potential that allows to synthesize the network interaction of the production and consumption system. The effectiveness of the system of commodity circulation is determined by the synergetic interaction of production and consumption, which is based on the adaptive mechanism of innovative development of economic subjects of the market. To determine the effectiveness of innovative processes implemented in the system of commodity circulation, we have developed the indicators of innovative development. The proposed methodology for assessing the innovative activity of network trade based on determining the effectiveness of the trade organization before and after introducing innovations allows to determine and justify the effectiveness of innovative activity of trade enterprises.