Institutional support of financial and economic security in conditions of digitalization

Theoretical bases of economics and management

The authors examined the technology of blocking in the article, considered ICO – the primary location of tokens in order to attract financial resources. The process of attracting investment in ICO is much easier and shorter in time. The main risks associated with investing in the crypto currency: insecurity on the part of the state, lack of regulation in this area, lack of control over the financial condition of the issuer and the targeted nature of the use of funds. The methodological basis of research in the article is the dialectical method of scientific cognition, the systemic and institutional approach to the study of the formation of the digital economy in Russia. The structural scheme is presented in which the institutional foundations of financial and economic security management are presented in the conditions of digitalization, the interrelation of the impact of internal and external threats, determines the internal and external factors that exert both direct and indirect influence on the security of the business entity. The scheme is divided into 5 blocks, which cover the individual scales of the functioning of the business entity. There is an objective need to create regulatory legal acts that can protect against external and internal threats (primarily, crime), while balancing and establishing the interests, rights and obligations of all parties to the issue and circulation of crypto currency already exists. In this aspect, it is important to observe the balance of permissive and prohibitive measures, since it is necessary to investigate and ensure the nature and intensive development of the crypto-industry in the Russian Federation, suppressing the criminal threats that arise in this area with the use of blocking technologies.