Organizational and economic aspects of formation and use of financial resources of mobile operators

The finance, taxation, investments

Nowadays, an important issue of development of finance of mobile operators is studying the results of financial and economic activities and searching for ways of improving the methods of mathematical analysis. Formation of the market of telecommunication technologies in Russia is characterized by some lag from the developed countries, in this regard, analysis of the domestic market of mobile communication becomes a top priority within the framework of optimal development strategies and enhancement of technologies of mobile communication. Current problems of maintenance of base stations of mobile communication, distribution of financial resources, increases in economic effect, quality management of the provided services in the conditions of the competitive market are discussed. The main focus is on finding the factors influencing the finance of mobile operators and success of rendering efficient communication services. We have analyzed the existing approaches to determining the life cycle of base stations and results of calculations of economic efficiency in the course of their maintenance. We have also analyzed the status of the market and perspectives of its development in detail. We have developed our own methodical tools for determining the efficiency of base stations. We have constructed a diagram of the organization of a network for rendering the services of mobile communication taking into account the background of the issue. A conclusion is drawn on the need to increase the profitability of base stations by taking measures to leave the ANTITOP-50 rating, statistical analysis of the "net profit" indicator for the smallest indicators among the top base stations is carried out. The developed methodical tools for assessing the performance of base stations with respect to the key indicators of 5-7 stages of the life cycle of base stations, including an algorithm for compiling the ANTITOP-50 rating of low-profitable and unprofitable base stations, allow to determine the locations of those base stations whose financial performance requires detailed analysis. Methodical provisions on controlling the quality of indicators characterizing mobile services in the regional market are offered. Determining such factors will allow the organizations providing of mobile service to be more competitive and to reduce economic losses. The influence of factors allows to define the competitive status and the potential directions for development of the market of mobile services, from the standpoint of parameters of non-price competition.