Analysis of priority of the functional components of the innovation potential of enterprises

Economy and management of the enterprise

A feature of the modern period of development of branches and spheres of activity in all countries, including Russia, is the need to find new forms of capital investment, markets for the products, to modify and develop the products in accordance with market requirements, to find more effective ways of communications and sales, to maintain a sound trade policy, to apply fundamentally new methods of management, etc. The growing role of fast response and ability to comply with the new requirements of the market makes it important to consider the reproduction of innovative potential of the enterprise and its accompanying infrastructure changes. The basis for the development of business is the understanding that the organization, having a certain innovative potential in the form of innovative activity and organization of staff, fulfills this potential not so much by ensuring the effectiveness of the organization’s business activities, as by generating and sustaining market competitiveness. After generalizing the accumulated experience, we have described the concept and the features of innovative potential of the enterprises as a combination of the enterprise’s opportunities for achieving innovation objectives and the extent to which the enterprise is ready to use innovative technology to sell products and increase competitiveness on the market. This article also analyses the influence of informatization on the innovative potential of the enterprise. We have examined the innovative activity and innovative culture of the enterprise as elements determining the increase of its innovative potential, identified the set of activities that implement the reproduction of innovative potential, and established their relationship to the process of informatization, on the basis of monitoring the indicators of the innovative activities of the company. The proposed set of quantitative relations for assessing the innovative potential should make it possible for enterprises to carry out the analysis of possibilities and abilities for using their resources. We have established that without the necessary information infrastructure at the present stage of development of economy, it is impossible to provide sufficient activity. In addition, we have developed an algorithm of gradual reproduction of innovative potential in enterprises, which allows to increase the level of innovative potential through a series of cycles. We have confirmed that informatization as a means of innovative activity of the enterprise can provide effective adaptation to the modern conditions of development.