The evaluation and forecasting of structural and dinamic changes during the clustering process of the regional economic space

Regional and branch economy

The authors investigated the relationship of the structural dynamics of clustered economic space of the regional economy. The necessity of an objective measurement of structural transformations in the process of identifying, predicting the formation and development of clusters. It is proved that the effective implementation of the cluster policy provides a high rate of economic growth and diversification of the economy by increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, which form the territorial production cluster. The approaches to the assessment and prediction of structural changes in the regional economic complex on the totality of private and integral indicators, investigated the relationship of the structural dynamics of clustered economic space of the regional economy. The main tendencies of structural changes in the industrial production of the Kursk region in the period from 2005 to 2015. As a result of quantifying structural changes were detected periods in which the maximum structural changes have occurred in the industry. Spend a cumulative assessment of structural changes on the basis of calculation and construction of the vector criterion, constructed geometric methods. It is revealed that the prognosis estimation of regional structure of the industry as a result of cluster in conjunction with a vector diagnosis structural change provides an objective basis for the development of cluster policy and regional programs for the formation of clusters. It is proved that the predictive diagnosis of alternative structures for regional economic space formed in the process of clustering, an important condition for reducing the risk of ineffective implementation of cluster policy and cluster selection erroneous funding priorities from budgetary sources. Vector and other structural and dynamic criteria should be important elements of a system of evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of cluster projects, events and cluster policy in general studies areas of sustainable development structurally balanced regional economy. The conclusions about the prospects of the regional development of the industry in terms of development and implementation of structural and cluster policy.