Quality management as a tool for improving viral marketing


The article raises questions concerning the current state of marketing promotion of goods and using the principles of total quality management (TQM) for improving the quality management of viral marketing. Major factors of viral marketing are analyzed. Information on the technology and consequences of viral marketing is provided. It is offered to use the principles of TQM as the basic ones. These are the following: liabilities of the management; expansion of the rights and opportunities of the employees (personnel involvement); fact-based decision-making; continuous improvement; focus on clients. The concept of continuous improvement by TQM mainly concerns constant improvement of all activities, from strategic planning at the high level and in the decision-making process, to a detailed execution of the activities within a production facility. This results from the fact that mistakes can be avoided and defects can be prevented and leads to constant improvement of the results, in all aspects of work, due to constant improvement of opportunities, personnel, processes, technology and machines. We have concluded that it should be borne in mind using the principles of total quality management during the design, creation and implementation of viral marketing it is necessary to remember that people look for content which is simultaneously interesting, informative and solving their problems.