Innovative development of the agro-industrial complex on the basis of disruptive technologies

Regional and branch economy

Technological progress has led to the emergence of new disruptive technologies: mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, cloud technology, advanced robotics, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, next-generation genomics, energy storage, 3D printing, advanced materials, renewable energy, exploration, advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery. In the author's opinion, implementing most of them in the agro- industrial complex (AIC) should be considered promising. These technologies will provide a way out of crisis in the cluster, as well as innovative development, radically transforming the agricultural sector. They are expected to contribute to the increment of scientific, labor, environmental, information, communication, and social potentials. They are expected to improve technical equipment, develop industrial and social infrastructures. They are also supposed to contribute to the saving of natural resources. The article describes the main emerging potentials for innovative development of the agro-industrial complex on the basis of disruptive technologies. The massive use of these technologies should allow to reduce the cost of their implementation. The author sees the future of this cluster as an innovative and high-tech one, capable of ensuring food and national security. The agricultural production should be boosted through creating a unified information and communication system for remote economic management and social welfare, logistics, consulting services, education, and public services; robotics and automation of technological processes; genetic industry; the use of new technologies, materials, renewable energy, all of which would ultimately lead to a more harmonious interaction of man and biosphere. In the future the agro-industrial cluster is seen as innovative and high-tech, capable of ensuring food and national security.