Control system of utilization of medical waste: experience of the EU and Russia

Regional and branch economy

This article describes the European experience with medical waste processing, as well as presents an  analysis of the current situation in this sphere in Russia. Description of the current changes in legislation is followed by the possible strategies for implementation of new methods and schemes in the field of medical waste. This topic is highly important nowadays because medical waste contains a variety of different hazardous and toxic elements that are dangerous for the environment and human health. Moreover, careless treatment of medical waste can affect people and especially children that can unknowingly interact with these objects especially with infectious materials remaining after usage in clinics and hospitals. The author proposes a special scheme for medical waste processing adopting the more sophisticated model of the «resource center» for a smaller scale, in particular, for medical waste. Based on this model it will be possible to improve the existing methods for waste management in this sphere as well as to develop new technologies that can improve environmental and economic aspects in this field