The analysis of development strategy of the region's industrial complex

Strategic Planning of MesoLevel Economic Systems

The paper discusses the regional development strategy of the manufacturing industry. The analysis showed that the scientific literature focuses on the cluster model. It uses its import substituting and interregional modifications.  The aim is the identification of strategies for the development of the region's industrial complex, resistant to external shocks. The study used techniques such as: comparative analysis of various theoretical concepts, comprehensive analysis of statistical data, analysis of regional planning documents, correlation analysis, grouping method, and systematization of the results of the study. The following indicators were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies: the index of industrial production growth, as well as the share of investments in the GRP, as well as the cost of technological innovation as a percentage of GRP.  The analysis of planning documents of the North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation has shown that regions generally declare the investment, innovation, investment and innovation, as well as cluster (sector) development strategy for the manufacturing industry. Practical aspects of the development strategies for the manufacturing industry were studied for the regions of the Central and North-Western Federal Districts. Comprehensive analysis of the statistics shows that the investment, investment and innovation and sectoral strategies are the ones most widely used. At the same time, these strategies for the development of processing industry established in the region in the pre-crisis period have shown a variety of sustainability to external shocks. The investment-innovative development strategy of the region's industrial complex showed the greatest resistance. The currently prevailing favorable macroeconomic conditions for the development of the manufacturing industry make further research into the problems of transition to investment and innovation strategy particularly urgent.