The business model for implementing the strategic plan of innovative enterprise development based on the scenario approach

Models and Methods of Strategic Planning

Analysis of Russia's economic development revealed the existing dependences of innovative potential of the industrial sector companies. The problems of organizing an effective system for managing their potential were investigated. It is both necessary and expedient to use the scenario approach to managing the innovative activity of an enterprise. The business model of innovative development of enterprise is offered. Realization of the model allows to plan and develop innovative activity taking into account the parameters that are important for the performance of the enterprise. The model is based on intercommunication of possible strategies. We determined the relationship between the business model and the system of strategic planning of the enterprise. The process of planning the innovative activity of the enterprise was formalized. It allowed to adequately estimate all intercommunications of an enterprise. We performed a comparative analysis of the scenario approach to managing the innovative development of the enterprise and strategic planning for its innovation. This revealed significant advantages of the scenario approach to strategic planning. Additionally, the study discovered that these management approaches are not mutually exclusive, and, as they complement each other, they should involve cooperation and synthesis. The paper shows that it is expedient to build the methodology for forming a strategy for the innovative enterprise development on the multilevel approach basis. This allows to determine the strategic objectives of the innovative enterprise development at all management levels. We have defined the concept of the potential and established its main characteristics. It was proved that it is necessary to identify trends, dangers, opportunities that have an impact on the choice of competitive enterprise strategy. It was found that strategic planning of innovative activity of the enterprise should be based on a system approach to the management of organizational change.  The concept of business model options for future development of innovative activity of the enterprise should be based on a strategic planning system.