Micro forecast matrix toolkit in the innovative cluster

Models and Methods of Strategic Planning

At present innovative territorial clusters are considered to be the centers consolidating the results of intellectual activity and allowing the industry to assimilate the innovative production based on science, education and industry integration. According to Yakovets, the international community keenly monitoring the background for the innovative breakthrough scenario of the upcoming global transformations described earlier by many scholars of the postindustrial paradigm set in the 1920s-1930s in the theory of prediction and cycle, crisis and innovations doctrine by Kondratyev and Shumpeter and others, as well as Leontyev’s balance macro-forecast method. The economy of cluster organizations differs from that of other legal entities and requires specific research methods for assessing the performance of both a regional cluster as a whole and of its subjects taking into account their proportion in the cluster’s final production. Therefore, it is important to predict the price indicators of cluster product efficiency on the basis of micro-forecasting the balance of costs and results of manufacturing the innovative production. Kargopolov’s matrix formula developed on the basis of Leontyev’s "input-output" balance method and the technical, industrial and financial plan of the Soviet period is verified as a tool of modern economic-mathematical modeling for calculating the costs of cluster innovative production including prime cost calculations. The matrix formula used as a modern economical and mathematical micro-forecast tool allows to define the cost indexes including the prime cost indicators of the cluster’s innovative production. This versatile formula allows identifying production efficiency both of the final cluster product and intermediate cluster production components produced by different economic agents of an innovative cluster, including those located in a macro-region with various territorial factors affecting cluster production costs in the market. The article shows the possibility of using Kargopolov’s matrix formula in calculations to determine the cost of building composites produced with effective solutions using energy-saving technologies.