The correspondence between various innovation types and the basic values of the organization

Innovation management and finance

The essay explores the issue of the integrated approach to the innovation activities of the organization, aimed at securing its sustainable development in the conditions of changing environment and external challenges. Special attention is paid to the historical aspect of identifying the indicators of sustainable development of a system. The indicators for assessing the sustainable development of the organization have been identified. The existing dependence between the threat development rate and the response rate of the company’s self-defense system is revealed. The importance of Biesiot indicator is emphasized, defined as a ratio of respective processes rates. The properties of the company’s external environment and its basic reference points have been described. The correlation of external environment properties, the benchmarks of the organization, with different types of innovation is presented. The key directions in which product innovations are used, aimed at sustainable development of the organization, have been determined. The quantitative and qualitative performance evaluation of basic innovations is considered. The absolute and relative performance evaluation of the improving innovations is presented. The role of process innovations securing high level of efficiency of organization performance in the conditions of lack of resources is described. The tremendous role of marketing innovations ensuring freedom of action of the organization in the market in the conditions of diverse environment is demonstrated. The equations describing the extension and renewal of the assortment are presented. The great importance of implementing organizational innovations is emphasized in the conditions of a variable environment, for the purpose of securing safety as a basic reference point,. The indicators for assessing organizational innovations are presented. The adaptability, serving as a base reference for changes within the environment, necessarily requires introducing managerial innovations. The interrelation between the concept of «system dynamics», decision-making process and management innovations is shown. Attention is drawn to the fact that the focus on stream-oriented structure aims the managerial innovations at overcoming the intra-organization borders, with a purpose of adaptation and changing the environment. The significance of informational innovations is emphasized, for realization of such major baseline as coexistence of different organizations in the conditions of uncertain market environment and quite tough competition. At the same time, the importance of information technologies for generating transferring and commercializing different types of innovation is accentuated. The conclusion is drawn on the need to implement innovative solutions of all types and on a systematic basis. The organization seeking sustainable economic development should implement various types of innovations depending on its key values, on a systemic and integrated basis.