Organizational and economic mechanism of increasing the competitiveness of the organization

Tools of formation and development of clusters

The article proposes an organizational and economic mechanism of ensuring the competitiveness of an enterprise, which allows to combine various spheres and objects of administrative activity of this enterprise and to integrate them into a unified quality management system. Industry and international standards engendering anobjective need for developming partnerships for producing goodsfrom the viewpoint of consumer interest play a key role in this case. It is revealed that the intensification of economic growth observed now is connected not so much with the quantitative parameters of the known factors of social production but instead with the deep qualitative transformations of the modern micro- and macrosocial and economic systems: high dynamics of development of the technical and technological basis; formation of more effective types of organizational and economic structures; basic changes in understanding the place and the role of an individual in the social production system; formation of new paradigms of economic activity adequate to the modern requirements of quantitative economic growth..