Features of increase of satisfaction of subjects of business in modern economy


In the conditions of the undeveloped market which takes place in Russia so far, growth of satisfaction of consumers isn't always connected with growth of use of the marketing strategies of interaction assuming closer cooperation with the consumer and his involvement in process of creation of joint value. Such strategy are most effectively realized in the conditions of the effective market developed, as a rule. Low solvency of the Russian industrial enterprises which aren't ready to pay additional services and investments into development of relationship so far is the reason for that. In addition, against insufficiently quality domestic production, backwardness of a logistic component of offers of the companies, investments into these fields of activity can yield significantly more good results, than investments into the relations. From the point of view of marketing buyers of production were always the main object of management for any enterprise structure. With the advent of mergers of companies, network forms of business the circle of objects of management significantly extended. The company management problem from positions of a modern paradigm can be formulated as follows: to meet requirements not only the direct consumers, but all stakeholders. Accordingly, the companies face problems in developing and implementing strategies to increase customer satisfaction, taking into account the interests of all other stakeholders of the company. In other words, companies must develop strategies that increase satisfaction of direct consumers, at the same time meet the requirements and interests of shareholders, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. It is clear that the adoption of this principle necessitates constant monitoring of satisfaction of each kind of stakeholders, not only consumers (buyers) that can help a company identify strategies which are not contrary to the interests of the different groups of stakeholders. The solution to this problem is to find a single criterion of efficiency of activity of the company, which would consistently meet the needs of all stakeholders of the company.