Economy and business in system of service in the wholesale market


Questions of business activity in quickly developing social sector of economy of Russia are considered. The special attention is paid to investment, innovative and psychological aspects of social business at a transitional stage of life of the country. Justification of value of development of business and need of active living position in the conditions of modern civil society is given. Situation according to which in service economy key position is held by the services rendered to legal entities – to the enterprises locates. Such services provide processes of merchandising in the wholesale market. Classification of services of the wholesale market by a wide range of signs is given. The special attention is paid to logistic services. Point according to which all deliveries have to be followed by a complex of services is made. All services of the wholesale market are optimum across Pareto. It is shown that the important place among logistic providers is taken by wholesale intermediaries – wholesale trade enterprises. The specified enterprises carry out change of parameters of the material streams coming from suppliers producers to the sphere of the address. The big sizes of commodity stocks allow wholesale trade enterprises to carry out deliveries according to requirements of each consumer: to form small parties of delivery and to ship production through the set intervals according to the logistic concept of ECR, to operate stocks of consumers on VMI system, to carry out deliveries «precisely in time», to give help in the organization of logistics, etc. Theoretical provisions of economy of business are considered, the mechanism of functioning of business in a services sector is presented. The analysis of the most essential factors having impact on results in the sphere of service economy is provided. The main directions of transformations of the service organizations in modern economic conditions are defined. The conclusion that service activity in the wholesale market is the defining factor of a steady condition of all economy as it is directed on all subjects of business is drawn, considering thus their operating conditions and individual requirements.